Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MY STASH - Nappies

OK so I remembered a couple more and have added them.

I have 2 more Cuddly-Bub reconstructions to do and I have a couple of home made nappies that are usable but not that great - I can't master FOE, lol. I am not sure if I should add those. Oh and I have about 40-50 terry flats - some are almost threadbare others are still great.

Name Size Description Number
Pea Pods Medium 6
Pea Pods Medium Old Style Not being used atm - very large sizing 6
Baby Beehind Hemp OSFM Not being used because of wing droop 7
Baby Beehind Bamboo OSFM 2
Very Baby Simply Nights Large 1
Itti Bitti AIO Medium 1 Hemp Insert 1
Itti Bitti AIO Large 6 Hemp (3 faulty) and 3 Bamboo Inserts - too big atm 3
Itti Bitti Fitted Medium 3
Itti Bitti Fitted Large 1
Kidz In Cloth Medium/Large Elastic gone in part of one leg 1
Green Kids OSFM 2 were bought as seconds 4
Whizz Kidz OSFM 3
SwaddleBees AIO Pocket Medium 2
MagicAll AIO Medium Pre Order 3
SwaddleBees Hemp Pocket Medium 1
Berry Plush Medium Everglade One insert 1
Tester Pocket OSFM Hannah - Print PUL 1
Tester Minky AIO Large 8kgs + not working for us 1
Cute Tooshies Bamboo Delight OSFM 1
Fuzzi Bunz PUL Pocket Small 1
Home Made
Wee Weka Fitted Medium Home Made side velcro fitted pocket 1
Wee Weka PUL Pocket Medium Home Made side velcro PUL pocket 1
Wee Weka PUL SS Pocket Large Home Made side snap PUL pocket - too big atm 1
Side Snap Fitted Medium/Large 8kgs + Reconstructed Cuddly-Bub 1
Fleece Pocket - Random Medium Purchased in trading room 1
Fleece Pocket - Random Large/E.Large Free from NC - Joey-n (??) so nice 1


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