Monday, July 2, 2007

Cuddly -Bub Reconstruction

Cuddly-Bub is the left/bottom nappy and reconstructed is the right/top in each of the four comparison pictures
Top Left _ back, Top Right_ front, Bottom Left_inners, Bottom Right_side

So I may of mentioned these nappies - I got 4 for $27 (I think) with post due to an error on the site so I can't complain about how much I paid (cost them $11 to post). They are one size nappies you tuck/fold the front down for the newborn setting. The elastic is quiet tight (8 or 10mm elastic used) so I am sure leg containment would of been OK but the width was huge through the crotch (wider then a green kids by at least 2-3cms).

The materials were no pre washed at all and the crotch width was a horrible fit on my skinny bummed boy. So I washed and hot dried them - this shrunk the booster and nappy width a little and then removed Velcro (hard/scratchy stuff) and all elastics, unstitched booster and top stitching and turned inside out.

I trimmed down the wings a little and the crotch by 4-5 cms (will get a tape measure and measure soon). I kept the rise as it really wasn't that high rise and I don't mind good coverage. I didn't touch the top part of the nappy nor the front.

I decided on side snap as they fit DS better - I use 6mm elastic and made it not quiet as tight as previously (mine is not for newborns) and added snap positions after I had it all together (so they are a little wonky).

The finshed product fits my 1, 2 and 4 year olds. Each on one of the 3 snap settings I made - it also has room to add another 2 snap settings to make it even wider (don't think I will ever need that though).

Next time (as mentioned I have 4) I may keep the wings the same width and put the snap positions further apart to give a better thigh/hip fit.

I will get a picture of it on the kids soon.....


Mel : ) said...

wow - thats awesome Hayley! it looks fab. i would have been way to lazy to fix them all - lol.

Mel : ) said...

ok, dont kill me but I am tagging you for the 8 things about me/Meme thingy -


Aline said...

that's so clever. i have an old cuddly bub sitting here that i never use for the same reasons as you ... (might add it to the sewing pile!) thanks for the inspiration :)