Friday, July 6, 2007

I have been BAD...very BAD!!!!

OK so I am supposed to be on a buying ban - I have fabric and I could be sewing up heaps of nappies BUT......I have had enough with trying to get front snappers to work for Nate so am going to buy some side snaps and maybe sell off my BBH and maybe some pea pod shells that are still in good nic.

Today I bought:

2nd hand - 2 almost new Swaddlebees AIO pockets from the EB trading room for $38. Not really cheap but as they have only been used about 6 times each and they cost $31 each new I will take them. They are royal blue (I think) with white microfleece inner and the stuffers are microfibre - I am not a huge fan of microfiber but I will see how they go. I have heaps of hemp here so can make some stuffers to fit the skinny crotch of these to prevent compression leaks if that becomes an issue. I was weary of buying anything with microfiber as I think it doesn't last as long as other materials (Hemp/Bamboo) but seeing as these are practically new they should be OK.

2 Wizz kids side snappers when I stummbled accross the small stocking on Ozebaby. ooops. $52 for 2 with postage. They both have a blue velour inner...yummm...These are sized to fit from around 4kgs to 15 I think. So when I am done with them I can pass them on to my sis for her yet to be conceived bub. I would say Nate will be wearing these till TT though so we will get lots of wear out of them....
and after buying the above I found 1 New Wizz kids on B4B for $20 with postage so I bought that too....this one has a fleece lining and the description said NEW as side snapper didn't suit so thats great!!
OH and Mel (RockMel) has tagged me but as I don't know anyone with a blog that maybe a little hard..we will see lol.

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