Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poochies Newborn Nappy - Turn and Topstitch

I got started on my newborn nappy tonight and of course had to get it finished. I used a vinnies skirt as the outer, hemp hidden layer + 2 layer hemp hidden soaker and black suedecloth inner. The snap in booster is 3 layers of hemp toped with suedecloth. It was good practice and now that I kinda know what I am doing I will make one for Nate next time.

Oh and yes dolly does wee LOL - maybe not 6 layers of hemp wee but she does wee.

It actually doesn't do up on the tightest snaps around the thighs which surprised me as it is a pretty small doll.

I mucked it up a little (the sewn in soaker is off centre and I missed the outer fabric a little when a did the initial stitching) but mostly I am very happy with it.

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