Wednesday, July 18, 2007

STASH - Covers

I think this is all of them...

Name Size Description Number
Baby Beehinds WHITE Medium 2
Baby Beehinds WHITE Large 2
Pirate SS
Large from USA 1
If you're not wearing cloth
Large from USA 1
Very Baby
Large One is actually a bit smaller then the other 2
Cuddly-Bub Medium the hook and loop is scratchy but fits well 1
Wool - Knits
Possum Pouches Soaker OSFM Ocean 1
Possum Pouches Shorties Medium ?? Laurieton 1
Nanna Knit Soakers Medium ?? 5
Nanna Knit Longies Medium ?? 4
Nanna Knit Shorties Medium ?? 1
Longies from B4B Medium noo 1
Longies from B4B Medium/large Can't remember the knitter 1
Mumma Knit Soaker Medium Bit dodgey my first go at knitting 1
Wool Wraps
Newborn Wrap TT 3kgs ??? Tag in chinese - only english says 1
100% new wool but it has gussets


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