Friday, August 1, 2008

Kozy Mei Tai

I got this Mei Tai 2nd hand from another member of Baby Carriers Downunder yahoo group (and also the baby wearer).

Now you know as soon as it arrived I had to try it :). Nate was first to ask for "up back", then Beth wanted a go in "the pink one", lol, and then I insisted Ari have a go.

Almost as soon as I walked outside to hang the washing Ari snuggled in and fell asleep so I think he likes it. And as for me, I find it easy to use, a good size for us and best of all very comfortable to wear. The shoulder padding is nice and the canvas is soft yet supportive.

Ari was quiet comfortable with his legs in "froggy style" but also (as per photo) very comfortable with his legs out. We have no need to shorten the body of the carrier atm and it still has the body length to offer head support when he is froggied (???).

Sleeping babies always pull at my heart strings but a sleeping baby snuggled warmly against my back....*sigh* beautiful.

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