Monday, August 11, 2008

August 2008 - an Update

Its Cold

So winters almost over right? Well its been freezing so I hope so. I should add that my freezing is that it gets down to7*C in the night, lol, having lived in the snow I know its not "that" cold....but its cold enough for me.

I hate have the air con on but in a fibro house with wooden floors what else can I do?. Horrid side effect of all this (OK so I have been a little slack with the house work) is my windows........ there was mould on them from the condensation *insert horrified face here* so I madly went around cleaning them on the weekend.

Liam Turns 6

My big boy turned 6 on the 31st of July - he really is growing up so much and thriving at school. He got twister and $20 which were a hit and his dad brought home an AFL ball as he says he wants to play that next year rather then soccer.

Ari's Octopus

Ari is growing so fast and is almost 5mths old. I made him a toy last week, a knitted octopus which he loves chewing on. It is from an old pattern book I have here, only theirs was bigger. I couldnt be stuffed knitting anymore so just made the sphere smaller, that and I didn't use the same yarn and it was double knit (what ever that means *blush*). I used the soaker frogged wool and an unused pillows stuffing.......I keep meaning to buy a little bell to put inside so it jingles for him.

I think that smaller spheres in back and white with knitted/plaited dangles would make a lovely mobile for a baby, much better then the commercial ones. So if anyone has the time/inclination I think thats a great sellable product......its probably already out there but what isn't these days.

Life for Me

Well its pretty shit atm. Marital stuff but I don't really want to discuss it considering I cant even discuss it with the man himself. I just am not happy.

My Pop, who has battling Leukemia for 11 years, is really unwell....his kidneys have started to fail. I don't get to visit them very often as the kids are always carrying some bug and we don't want to get him sick. Hopefully we will get to see him soon :) and maybe even swing a visit with the Itti Bitti household.

OK gotta run - dinner to cook, kids to bathe..



sue said...

big hugs Hayley xx Hopefully you can get up to see your pop soon, if you need any help with the kids while you are there (or want to drop any of them here while you visit), just lmk :) Sue xx

Mel : ) said...

just wrote you an email but meant to say - love your octopus!!! very cute!!!!!