Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ravelry - Knitting - Stitch Markers

So I joined Ravelry.....not really sure about finding my way around as yet but my name is same as (robbo3) so look me up if you want ;).

I just looked up the projects for the Calorimetry I knitted on the weekend and saw some fabulous colours which has inspired me to get knitting ready for birthdays/Christmas/etc. I am heading towards minimizing spending money on "stuff" and instead using my hands, and where possible recycled goods, to create items for myself/kids/family.

Oh and I have a question about stitch do you use them, do they slip on the needle or around the stitch on the yarn? I was putting them (paper clips as I don't have any stitch markers) on the stitch but when it says "knit 5, place marker" do you place the marker on the last knitted stitch or on the next knitted stitch or in between the knitted stitches?

*Blush* I am such a novice.


Rebecca said...

stitch markers go on the needle so between two stitches on the needles.

.Yes i do use them when the pattern calls for them or if i am making sock s but not using DPN but using one long circular and doing magic loop. I use them then so i know technically where my new needle starts say Needle I, Needle 2 etc.

See down the page here how they are on the needle well that is how they should be. So knit 5 place marker on needle and knit 5 just as an example

Hayley said...

Thanks Rebecca!!!!

I am such a dunce *blush*

Tracy said...

Hi Hayley,

I'm off to find you on Rav to add you to my friends list :)