Sunday, August 17, 2008


I recently saw this pattern for a Calorimetry on Tracy's Blog and just had to knit one.

I am not a great knitter and really don't have the best grasp of all the details but I managed it OK. I believe the pattern is for 10 ply yarn and 5mm needles but I used an 8ply aussie wool from lincraft and 4.5mm neddles as thats what I had and it seems to of worked out (as I said, I am a novice). It is a couple of short rows short as I counted wrong for the 15 rpts and so the 17 rpts are less also.

The pattern is here.

I haven't attached the button yet so its just tied on in the photo.


Bec said...
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Bec said...

You did a great job Hayley! You should be proud. I can't get past a couple of rows knitting and then I'm dropping stitches everywhere :P

Tracy said...

Looks great Hayley. I think yours is a better fit than mine :) I'll knit it in 8ply too next time I think.