Friday, October 10, 2008

Gastro and Mastitis

Does the title just say it all??

Liam came down with gastro, Nate came down with gastro, I came down with mastitis......what does this all mean??? no sleep for me!!!

On the up side I have manged to get through the mastitis so far without antibiotics, I feel tired an sore but not as bad as I did.

The kids seem to be getting better and...touch wood...Beth hasn't had it yet.

I should really be in bed right now but I just wanted to blog a few things I have had sitting here as drafts this week.

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missymoo84 said...

I hope everyone is better soon and you can get some well deserved rest! I know what it's like when everyone is sick and it is 100 times worse when you are too! Hugs xox