Friday, October 10, 2008

Possum Pouches - Knitted and KK AIO

I can hardly resist a chance to buy a nappy or knits from PP. I love our KK fitteds for night time and our PP knits get a good workout , so cute and a great price. So far our PP stash includes 3 longies, 3 shorties and a soaker.

When I saw a pair of shorties and a KK on special for $25 a pop I rushed in to snaffle them but sadly they were already sold.

Luckily for me Robyn offered me another pair of shorties and an AIO. So wonderful!!!

So here is my littlest man in his new shorties and Windpro KK AIO.

Thank you Robyn! Hopefully in the next week (or maybe the one after) you will receive a little parcel in the mail from me (with help from Sarah from Sunshine and Lollipops) - as a thank you.

XOXO Hayley.


missymoo84 said...

What a spunk!! I love the knits!

Mel : ) said...

how clever is Ari! he looks so pleased with himself :D such a cutie!!!