Friday, October 10, 2008


I tried to sew an Onbag earlier this week (will come back with the link) - it is not exactly true to the pattern but it seems to work OK.

My sewing machine has a rolled hem foot but I cant for the life of me use it properly. So things were stitched and turned instead - the final piecing together has seams on the inside which aren't pretty but should hold it all together, lol. The corners are shocking.

I am honestly not sure I love it. I tried it with a Mei Tai and just felt as though I had heaps on straps all over me. Maybe with a wrap it wouldn't seem so much.

It is nice and big. In the photo collage I have a shot with it half full - 3 AIO nappies, 2 terry flats, 2 changes of clothes and a water bottle with plenty of room to spare.

It was fairly cheap to make - I used 3 metres of cotton drill that was maybe $10-12 on special and a dress that was damaged (and that made me look twice my size) as the accent. It took a while to sew, if I could figure out the rolled hem it would of been easier. I also could of done with 3.5 metres of material to save me adding bits on the ends of the straps (very messily, I have to unpick and redo I think). I also will be adding some snap closures to the pockets when I get around to it.

Thanks for reading.


Bec said...

I think it looks great Hayley! Not that I'm exactly sure what an on bag is...I'm assuming a bag for use while babywearing? Anyway, I think it looks great and I love the room it has in it!

Mel : ) said...

how many nappy bags have you got now hayley? ;)

ive said it before, but here it is again, your so talented!!! i dont know where you find the time or energy to make such beautiful things!

lol at the dress!