Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Comet Tails Cresent Moon Yoga Pant - With Crescent

I made some Florties, Flpries and Flongies (pmsl) last night.Using this pattern with crescent.

I used the size Medium for Ari and it is a little big but will surely fit him for a long time. I couldnt convince Nate to try them on but they would fit him I reckon (he no longer wears nappies though).

Side view



Made with MM Fleece, 300wt (navy) for the body and 200wt (baby blue or green) for the waists.

Heres Ari modeling the Flongies with the help of big brother Liam.

I will make him another pair of short florties for summer, maybe in the 200wt for daytime.


Super Monkey said...

I love the pics of the pants standing up by themselves. Too cute.


missymoo84 said...

They look awesome! I love how they are standing up by themselves lol