Monday, May 7, 2007


Well I have 6 of the old style pink Mediums and 6 of the new style Mediums (one was dirty when I took the pic, lol).

The old style have held up pretty well although we are no longer using them as Beth is going to the toilet now, YAY!!! We were using them stuffed to the hilt and held on with a fleece cover for nights with mostly success - Beth was getting welts from her toxic wee though so we had to switch to disposables at night :( on a positive she has been dry most nights since the switch so hopefully she will be night dry full-time soon. They are way to big on Nate as he is a skinny 9kgs.

I haven't had much luck with the new style ones - all up I think 5 lost the elastic in one leg - they were replaced. I cannot fault Alex's customer serivce, she has been fabulous, she even replaced each nappy with new inserts and bags - but alas the nappies just don't like us.

One of the ones I use I tried to replace the elastic and didn't do a very good job, hehe. I have been thinking of unpicking it all and making a newborn nappy for when my sister has a bub.

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