Friday, May 18, 2007

Waiting for the postie..patiently..

OK so not so patiently ;)

And maybe not even the postie for all of them as some may not of been posted yet but just waiting in general is torture....lmao

Stuff I'm waiting on:

Diva Cup - From Happy Nursery. I paid for this on the 27th of April and it still hasn't arrived - I have emailed them as it is supposed to be my sisters birthday pressie and at the moment its not going to be here on time (Monday 21st is her birthday). Am hoping it shows up soon and isnt lost in the post.

Wool - 100g of wool from Trish 2nd hand from Susanne's House of Wool (I think) There was a little mix up but this should arrive this coming week so I can start knitting.

Custom Flongies - from Tango Nappies - I gave Tanya 3 ideas and asked her to surprise me :) These should arrive during the next week as well. Very excited to see what she makes up.

Snap Press - From Snaps Aust.. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Generally post is really quick from Alex so fingers crossed it arrives Mon or Tues. Also has some snaps for Mel in this order.

Poochies Fitted Pattern - This is coming form the States (due to a postage mix up I had some credit) and was posted Last Friday so should arrive very soon.

Is that all ?? Yep I think so.

I will enjoy my weekend but I cant wait for Monday.

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