Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A sewing day...that involved no sewing..hehe

Mel (RockMel - NC) and I met up again today - took us a while, the last time was months ago, but we got there. I got to see gorgeous Jet and also met Mels DH Rocky and her dad..oh and not to forget Oscar.

The original plan was a sewing day based on me using Mels snap press but as I have one now it seemed like a good time to chat - so we did - just try to shut me up when I have adult company *blush, sorry Mel* . My kids tried their hardest to drop/spill food in every corner of the room and Beth had fun watching DVDs - Rocky gave us a pumpkin to bring home and Beth is still so chuffed (had to grab it to show her dad when he got home).

Mel gave me some Jade snaps too use and also some FOE so I will have to attempt a Chloe Toes Nappy very soon.

Also got to see a cloth pad for the first time - and I am going to attempt to make one. Maybe this weekend if I get the time.

No more mail today - waiting on Diva, Flongies and Poochies Pattern. I hope the mailman comes tomorrow *fingers crossed the Diva comes*.

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Mel : ) said...

Thanks Hayley! i had a great day - we will have to have more "sewing" days :)

Love your blog by the way! like how youve done the bit at the top with the pic of nates eyes (im guessing nates). Thanks heaps for the cut of suede cloth & PUL - i LOVE the nappy i made from it - its such lovely material.

see you soon

mel :)