Saturday, May 12, 2007

My First Homemade PUL Pocket from March '07

So this was made in March '07. As you can see it has a Fluro/Lime Green PUL outer and a royal blue fleece inner. I made this using the WeeWeka S-M side Snap Pattern - using Hook and Loop instead.

I struggled a little with the fleece slipping so its a bit wonky but not too bad. I used a regular needle as I don't have a ball one - it that important?? (I think it may be although I have had no problems) I will have to go buy some needles.

Nate is actually skinnier now - having just suffered a bout of vomiting and gastro - and it fits him on the tightest setting. I must get my boy to grow !! He takes this nappy off all the time so I have to put clothes over it.

It really works well but I am aiming on using a pattern that will fit for a bit longer - that he is more on the lower end of the scale for now.

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