Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fabric Arrives....Waiting On ?? ...... and My Mother Day pressie fabric arrived last week.

7 yards of suedecloth (because I only ordered a cut instead of a yard of the orange..doh) and 8 yards of PUL. The purple PUL has some faults :( but as I am only making nappies for home use I am not overly concerned. I also got some Velcro 800 which is supper soft and feels as though it will be great on nappies.

And look what DH got me for Mothers Day!!!!!!! Well you know its not here yet and wont be here for a couple of weeks yet but I am stoked. My very own snap press machine.

I was going to borrow Mel's (such a sweetie we were supposed to have a sewing day tomorrow but my kids are sick *sob*) and I was cool with that but hinted that I would like one and he actually listened so has pre-ordered it for me tonight. I chose white, black, choc brown, bright blue, lavender and Orange snaps and got a sample pack to check put all the colours.

I also have the Fitted Poochies side snap pattern on its way - I really like fitteds and would love to be able to make some little ones if my sis has a bub.

Hmmm.....What else.....I have some 2nd hand wool on its way from Trish - 100grms to hopfully knit a beanie for Beth for winter with little ear flaps and pompoms. I am kidding myself right.

Oh and I bought my sister a Diva Cup for her 29th Birthday thats in a week or so so am hoping that gets here soon.

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