Sunday, May 27, 2007

I made a Cloth Pad

So tonight I decided to get in and try to make a cloth pad...hmmm...where to start???

I printed off one pattern from Obsi's site but thought it would be to big (very wide and big wings) so I decided to try to draw a symmetrical pad more for light/medium flow. So I did that and then had to decide layers - ended up with (from bottom up: PUL, Soaker pad of 2 flannelet 1 terry toweling. full body layer of flannelet and toped with suedecloth).

I sewed the soaker pads together and then attached them to the full body flannelet and then stitched all layers together inside out - turned in the right way and top stitched - very messily. Oh yeah and then snapped the wings.

The result - ahhh crap - my camera has no power!!!! Argggg.... Will include photos tomorrow...

OK ....took some it is.....

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