Monday, May 7, 2007

Baby Beehinds

I have 7 BBH and 2 BBB - also 2 med and 2 lrg PUL covers.

I bought the nappies...hmmmm...I cant remember exactly when but I think just before Christmas '06 .

The covers were one of my first purchases(Aug-Sept 06 I think) - they are very stained on the outer from dirt and general wear but the inner is pretty much stain free. I am not a big fan of white in general but I find the covers effective - they got used quiet a bit as first over flats but now they are not used very often.

I like the BBB - I use them at night on Nate boosted with a hemp trifold (6 additional layers) - with a knitted wool cover. They are smaller then the BBH and not stretchy so are a better (smaller) fit on him.

The BBH are a little big for Nate. They are designed to be used with a snug cover I know but I would like to be able to use them under my woolies but for us they just don't work for that - the curse of the skinny bubba I guess.

They are a good workhorse nappy. I find them fiddly with the boosters that seem to twist and bunch up, but because of those boosters the drying time is pretty good.

They just don't suit Nate at the moment - I have been debating trading them but keep thinking that they may come in handy when Nate is older and bigger.

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