Monday, November 12, 2007

....everyday rambling...

DH came shopping with me yesterday *shock* he saw how much money it costs to feed the family (plus extra milk and fruit I have to buy each week) what an eye opener for him.

I am much more relaxed this week and have some money aside to pay for Christmas pressies.

I also have to get DS school stuff ready for Kindy next year - I can't believe my baby is going to school in 3mths. I have bought his backpack (Chrissy), lunch box, a hat, 5 shirts, 2 shorts, socks - I guess I need to get him a jumper and trackie pants but they can probably wait till later in the year. I think another 3 pairs of shorts, library bag and some shoes and we have the basics covered. Oh and some name lables.

So when I combine DS#1 growing up with begin pregnant I understand a little more why I have been so crazy latley. I am not usually one to freak out like I have been.

Anyway - Cheers for listening :)

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Mel : ) said...

wow, i cant believe liam is starting school, im going to cry so much when its jets turn!!!

oh & just wanted to say - hell, im crazy & ive only got one kid & im not pregers - your well & truly allowed to go a bit bonkers as far as im concerned!