Saturday, November 3, 2007

Whizz Kidz Nightz

Some may know we have been using disposables at night - a combination of reasons (morning sickness, heavy wetting, no suitable nappies, smelly hemp) - so after reading a night nappy thread and having tried Whizz Kidz side snapper hemp day nappies and found them a great fit I thought that the Nightz would be a great nappy for Nate.

The upside of these nappies for us is:

*Made from Bamboo fleece (85% bamboo/15% organic cotton).
* 16 - 18 layers.
*Fast drying.
*Multi-fit design to fit from 4.5 - 17kgs.
* Able to be used now for Nate and later for bub in belly.

I find the hemp day nappies are good but not quiet absorbent enough for Nate so while I was buying the Nightz I picked up a new Bamboo day nappy as well. I will keep the hemp ones for bub in belly as they should be a great nappy from about 2mths but will be giving the bamboo a go on Nate.

I do worry about the longevity of bamboo - but I guess time will tell. Oh and I actually told DH about this purchase and he didn't bat an eyelid - hehe - hangover guilt.

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