Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Woolies from The Wooly Weaver

I was naughty and used some of the Christmas money to buy Nate and Bub some Shorties *Blush* can I whine when I can't control myself.

Anyway I received these today - Nate's were $35, bubs were $20 - post was $5.30. From memory, as the listings are gone, Nate's are knit from Dylicious 'Mocha Magic' and Bubs are Merino wool I think??.

They are very nice, I love the colours in Nate's and bubs are so tiny and cute.

I don't like that you can see some of the short rows in both of them...and there is a gap/hole right beside where the short rows are visible in one spot.....maybe I am spoiled by our possum pouches knits as they are just perfect and you cant see where the shorts rows are at all. I don't think that this will effect them at all...maybe I am too picky or expect too much.

Anyway here they are....they look great on Nate :) and for the price I shouldn't complain.


Mel : ) said...

they look fab! nate is such a cutie!!!

i have an award for you over at my blog hayley :D

Mel : ) said...

your gonna hate me but i just tagged you with another meme thingy :D