Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fluff Expected This Week

I love when you know fluffy mail is coming.....this week I am waiting on.....

Nate's Christmas present - his knitted and fitted pirate set from Possum Pouches - the wonderful Robyn offered to make him a Medium long instead of the large so it has been a little longer coming. I can't wait to see them and hope that they fit him OK - the curse of the very skinny bub, lol. It was really so nice of Robyn and I am so thankful :).

Whizz Kidz - 2 Nightz and a Bamboo day nappy - It will be good to put him back into cloth at night, Beth is wearing disposables as she gets super red raw rash from cloth :( - hopefully she will get more aware soon and be out of nappies all together. I have been thinking I should give the WKN a go on her but I worry about her toxic wee eating the fabric away (gosh I am paranoid about bamboo) - I will have to get a few washes up first anyway and see how they go on Nate.

B4B - a Elly Belly soaker from buy for baby. I think I paid $7.50 with post. Cute little blue and white number with a couple of little planes on it.

I really want to buy some stuff for baby but really cant decide what small nappies to get - I was planning on fitteds but am really not sure atm.

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