Wednesday, November 7, 2007

*Sigh* sewing and swapping

I have decided not to buy any more stuff for bub until we can get ourself sorted out. I was planning on layby and DH was cool with that but I just need to take a breather and think...

I will instead use what I have here to make some nappies. I have a snap press, patterns and sewing machine so can do everything I need to, it just involves time and patience. I have a few yards of PUL and suedecloth - also about 3.5metres of hemp fleece so I will see what I can do and then maybe do some swaps :). Send me some creative vibes and motivation :).

My dilemma - what can I swap - I guess I could swap some of the fabric? Or my photoshop "skills" lol? I could of course pay but it would depend on the price...oh I wish I was really good at something useful.

I have some white bonds suits here that I would like tie dyed for bubs so will maybe put that in the wanted section and see if anyone can help.

I would like some Velcro closure little gusseted snap in AIOs for bubs - for night changes - I guess in smalls. I will need FOE for that.

Also would love some newborn longies/long shorts for bub with a shirring elastic waistband (picky much, lol) - I have the wool here - just sheen sheep stuff from BigW . I just don't have the ability without a lot of practice.

So I will work towards fulfilling those goals for now - and take a deep breath and remember that we are all healthy and that money stresses are not the end of the world.

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