Monday, November 19, 2007

Newborn Stash

This is what I have so far for baby boy in belly.

I have been working on filling the gap in the small - medium sizing, Nate started at 5-6mth and 8kgs so there are a few nappies needed before new bub will fit those.

A lot of these nappies were bought 2nd hand, some were made by me, some are Nates nappies that didn't suit....very few are new. This has saved me money in that the newborn ones wont be used for long but they will be nice to have and I don't think I have spent any where near as much as I would of spent on newborn disposables.

Newborn--Small Flats/Fitteds

25 x Infant Prefolds
7 x NB Whizz Kidz Flannelette Fitted
3 x NB Side Snap Fitteds
1 x XS Bumgenius Fitted
3 x NB Fitteds Made by Me (2 Poochies 1 HB)

4 x size 1 Cotton Tots Bots snappiable
1 x size 1 Cotton Tots Bots Aplix
1 x Small Girly Fitted (b4b Suzanne)
3 x Small Poochies Fitteds Made by me
4 x Small Honeyboy! Fitteds made by me
Terry Flats

Newborn--Small AIO / AI2

2 x NB AI2 made by me

Newborn--Small Pockets

1 x Small Fuzzi Buns

OSFM Fitteds - to use from 4.5kgs or so

1 x Bamboo Velor CB (elastic has not been tight ever and on washing it has failed)
3 x Hemp Whizz Kidz Side Snappers

Covers PUL/Wool

2 x Snibs
3 x NB Pro Raps
2 x NB Bummies Whisper Pants
1 x NB Wool Cover (tie dyed by me)
1 x “Camo” Newborn Soaker from Woolly Butts

2 x Small (7–15 lbs) print PUL covers Diapers By Deb
4 x Small Bummies SWW
4 x BBH PUL small
1 x Knitted Soaker Small/Medium

Bits and Pieces

7 x Suede cloth topped 2 layer mini hemp boosters for NB Whizz Kidz
Some 2 and 3 layer mini hemp and bamboo boosters
8 snappies in the packet and 3 in use (somewhere, lol)
And wipes and wipes solution (how good does it smell)

I welcome any input and advice on what you found fabulous on your newborn or what you may think my stash is lacking....I am having fun sewing nappies now and am planning on making some more when I get the time.

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Mel : ) said...

your very organised hayley!!! cant wait till you do some more sewing - i love checking out your wonderful creations!!!