Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Fluff Arrived!! Possum Pouches and Whizz Kidz Nightz

What a fabulous fluffy morning I have had today . At 7:30am there was a knock at the door and it was the postie delivering some great fluffy mail .

Firstly - Nate's Christmas present, now I know he shouldn't see it before the day but I had to try them on to make sure they fit so I could wash them ready to be worn on the day . The beautiful Robyn made me another nappy in the medium long size as the large would of been too big on him. I am so thankful for the great service and thoughtfulness .

The nappy has:
Outer: imported flannel featuring pirate designs
Inner: soft orange cotton velour.
Concealed layers: full layer of double napped flannel and a soaker of 4 layers of bamboo terry.
2 Trifold boosters: 1 has 2 layers of bamboo terry plus a layer of orange cotton velour and the second has one layer of bamboo fleece and a layer of orange cotton sherpa. Both have a strip of suedecloth.

The shorts are teal, orange and jacaranda. I love the picot cuff.

Secondly - 2 Whizz Kidz Nightz nappies and a bamboo fitted (no pic as I already chucked it in the wash ). The Nightz look good on, slight gape at the front of the thigh when he lays down but that shouldn't be an issue - They are done up on the tightest thigh and second tightest waist setting - they are drying now and hopefully I can give them a go for day sleeps for the next week to get the washes up so we can get him out of disposables at night.

The fitted is a red snake scale print and gorgeous I will post pics when he wears it.

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