Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Renovations and Air Conditioning

We live in a fibro shack - be bought it 7 years ago and we have a done a bunch in regards to fixing up (it was a total dump) but it is still a fibro shack that needs heaps of improvement. We call it home and hopefully will be here for a very long time - but there are things we want done.

There are plenty of little things that need doing but he main thing is an extension - a new rumpus area, kitchen/dining area this will enable us to turn the existing kitchen into a bedroom (making it a 3 bedroom 1 study house). To do this first we had to remove the garage and maybe build a new one on the back of the block (that makes it sound like a big block but its not).

So the first step......

DH demolished the garage - YAY!! It really opens the back yard up a bunch. It was pretty useless, when we had a downpour it flooded and the fibro was breaking on the outside, and of course it was in the way of the extension. I am very happy it is gone.

It will be a while before we can do much else but its a step in the right direction :)

He also put a new window in the kids room - no more rattling glass (has done so for the 7 years we have been annoying) - it also looks heaps better from the street.

I really wanted to have the floor boards sanded and polished before this bub came but I just don't think its going to happen *sigh* they just look so messy no matter how much I wash, scrub, sweep, mop them. I also wanted to get all the patches of bare giprock sanded and painted but its not happening.

I bought a reverse cycle air conditioner on Monday - it is sitting in the lounge room waiting to be installed (hopefully before December) and I am so happy.

When pregnant with Nate through the summer I party for me, so this time with all these record temperatures we seem to be having I really wanted the option of being able to put he AirCon on if it is going to be a 40 degree day. We have a flat roof so it gets hot in here.

I hope that makes sense - rambling a little.

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