Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sigh...so tired.....and general update...

Why am I tired? well I guess because I am pregnant....38weeks 2 days today.....I am basing my dates on the latest EDD given to me, the earliest being the 13th the latest being the 16th...that way bubs is more likely to come before EDD right?. I am generally feeling tired and lethargic..although I did manage to mop the floors yesterday.

I am suffering from a few pregnancy side effects that are making feel less then comfortable....I shouldn't complain I know but I need to have a little whinge now and then. I just keep telling myself "I will never feel this again" which makes me appreciate it more.

It's N's birthday on the 12th - next Wednesday - we bought him a trike and I am planning on making a cake and inviting close family around for dinner if all is going well.

L is really enjoying school....there was an information session with the teachers this afternoon...only 2 parents (including me) showed up from his class.... It was nice to have a chat and get more of an idea of what he will be learning and what the routine is for him. I am sad that I can't offer to help out in class but with a 2 year old and a new bub everyday its just not going to be possible as we would be a little distracting.

B is loving preschool and asks to go on extra days...I really don't think she needs to go that much just yet considering she still has 2 years till she starts school. She involves herself in L's homework reading etc which is a great thing and I am trying to do more to keep her mind occupied during the day.

I am currently tossing up what nappies to buy N. He doesn't have enough due to fit (11kgs and skinny) and wetting (weeing through fitted right on to the floor) issues and I need to get him probably 6 more.

On my list to look at are:

Haute one size - I worry about fit/droop etc as Nate is a skinny boy, pros are that both Nate and bub could wear them, and they come in nice colours. Oh and I don't use microfibre on him as it smells too much so I would have to make bamboo inserts.

IB Delish - Mediums are our only option though as the larges (regular PUL) get wing droop and leg gape but the mediums are getting on the low side in terms of rise so maybe not the best choice.

Ummmm....what else?? Any suggestions anyone, my brain is fried?? I prefer bamboo (hemp/microfiber smell too much), PUL outer for pocket/AIO, TT is great for ease of use but snaps are fine also...........I can't think of anything else so surprise me, lol.

OK - as previously mentioned I am tired so must head off to bed....


sue said...

Wow not long to go now til you are cuddling a tiny newborn, awwww I hope you have a wonderful birth :D

If you want to borrow one of Maia's M & L dlish to try out so you know if they will work for N, you are most welcome, just lmk and I can post to you :)

BTW I have tagged you on my blog :D

Mel : ) said...

haute's have a really wide crotch (at least the ones i have do, had them for about a year, not sure if they have changed design at all). they droop a bit on jet now, but fit ok. they didnt really fit that well when he was little though. BG's seemed to be a better OSFA design but i didnt like their velcro tabs, after a little while they undo really easily (under clothes & everything!!!). anyway, if you want to try a haute i can lend you one if you want so you can see the fit???