Saturday, March 8, 2008

39 weeks

Can't half tell I am counting down hey, lol. I have decided (like I have a choice) that bubs must make his appearance before easter weekend as mum is booked on a flight and will only be here for 2 days and it would be nice if she could meet him.

DH and I have kinda agreed on a name...not 100% yet as we will wait and see what he looks like....It starts with "A" and is 3 letters long, you will find out soon enough if I won.

Heres what I look like now...excuse the b00bies but I really love how ripe my body is atm...saggy b00bs and all, lol.

We went to a wedding last night (over your way Mel in Avoca Surf Club) ..nice to have some kid free time but gosh I am buggered, I actually didn't get out of bed till 9am. I also dont think I have had my belly touched my so many people in all my pregnancy history, pmsl, I think everyone was amazed to see an almost popping belly, especially DHs mates who were amazed by his movement.

Today we have done nothing...went and picked up the kids and now N is having a sleep and the other 2 are playing "school". DH is asleep on the lounge next to me.

For the week ahead I don't have a lot planned.........School for L of course and preschool for B.......and big drum roll............N is turning 2 on Wednesday!!!!. We don't have any plans due to the baby being due but will probably have family over for dinner and blow up some balloons.

Hello to Tracy, Sue and Mel who have been checking in :). Thanks for your comments, maybe its my crazy hormones bit it means a lot to know someones reading...Oh and big thanks for the offer Sue, you are such a gem, seriously! I will throw an email your way soon.

Haaaaaaapy Biiiiirtttttttttttthdayyyyyyyy toooo youuuuuu Mel!!!!


Tracy said...

ooo your belly is so beautiful. I just wish I could come have a pat Lol. I certainly miss my baby belly. Good luck with the birth. I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful little man.

Mel : ) said...

Thanks! Love that pic, love how you do that drawing thing, you are so fab at photoshop! Avoca surf club is so beautiful, such a great place for a wedding. would have had mine there but it was still under construction.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO N!!!!! hope he had a fab day!!!!! (was today right?) hopefully you didnt spend it in hospital, 2 bubs sharing a birthday wouldnt be super fun! :D