Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Big 2 Year Old

I never got around to posting pics of Nate for his here is my big 2 year old....he melts my heart everyday with his smiles and I am amazed by how many new things he is learning ....

MIL took him during the day for 3 days when I came home from hospital and I missed him so much as I am used to spending all my time with him, he had fun though and as I couldnt lift him for a couple of days after delivery as my tummy and back were so weak it made sense for him to spend time with someone else who could.

I am happy to have him back this week and am enjoying the time with him now that he is a loving big brother.


Mel : ) said...

owwwwww - how cute are they together!!! Happy belated Birthday Nate :D

Mel : ) said...

just wanted to say that i love your new nc avatar!!!! so cute :D