Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another MIdwife Visit 38+4

I went to the midwife again today (2 weeks since my last appointment) and all seems well.

Estimated Gestation: 38+4
Fundal Height: 39
BP: 120/70
Bubs Heart Rate: 150bpm
Bubs position: LOW, Head down and back to my left.

The hospital has changed (just last month) it's Group B Strep policy so I did the swab and if it come back all clear then I will be very happy....if it comes back positive then I guess I will still have to think about antibiotics etc....there general policy is much more relaxed now which is good.

My belly is tight and heavy...not long now....


Tracy said...

ooo Exciting! Not long now and you'll be cuddling your little one.

Mel : ) said...

im betting on tommorow (cause thats my b-day :D)

whats the new strep policy? i had to have antibiotics with it last pregnancy, hope that means i dont need it next time!!!

so excited for you hayley!!!! cant wait to see pics of your new little man!!!!!!!