Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MIdwife Appt. and a Browse through an Organic Shop

Midwife Appt. went well...we established that yes I am still pregnant ;)

GBS came back positive again so antibiotics for me....if it had come back clear this time they would of treated me as clear despite history, iykwim. So I am a bit disappointed but hey I know I have choices.

Estimated Gestation: 39+4
Fundal Height: 40
BP: 100/50
Bubs Heart Rate: 130bpm
Bubs position: Head down and back to my back (posterior). They don't record engagement on my record but she wrote 3/5th on hers, doesn't really matter as he moves up and down anyway.

I visited the Organic Store in Erina and bought:

Flushable Eenee Nappy Liners (50pk)
1 Eenee Snib (3-6kgs) the new side tie on type
20 Pk of small weenees inserts

I am going to pack them, along with my 2 other snibs for the hospital...thinking about logistics I decided they would be a good choice, especially if I have to stay longer then expected and it means all my nappies will be ready when I get home.

They stocked a range of Natures Child products too....bit exxy though for cotton when we use hemp/bamboo but lovely to see some cloth products around. They also stocked eco friendly disposables although I didn't really look too much at those.

Nate's birthday went really baby is 2, hard to believe. He loves his trike :). I will post photos when I get the chance to up load them.

For now here is my belly from Tuesday..


Tracy said...

You are looking wonderful.

Cinders xo said...

Wow Hayls you look fabby hun!

Not long now aye :D

I can'r believe how quick your pregnancy has gone... for me LOL

I can't wait to hear the announcement :)

Rest up!!

D xo

Joh said...

best wishes for a lovely birth.
thinking of you!

Hayley said...

Thanks Ladies :)

sue said...

that's such a great shot of you at the beach Hayley :D

Hayley said...

Thanks Sue.

We took dogs down to beach for a walk/swim this evening, hoping to bring on labour while kids are at IL's but alas I am just tired and the dogs are just sandy and exhausted as they are small dogs who don't really like to swim, lol.

Am having the usual evening braxton hicks.. will start pressing acupressure points to see if it helps...if not oh well he is just so happy in there and that makes me feel special, a bit cranky yes, but special ;)