Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baby Beehinds - 1 week

So here is my little man ;) in a Baby Beehinds One-size hemp nappy (older style - about 1 year old) - small snap in only.

His weight at 5 days was 4130g so I figure he is only a little bit more in this picture at 7 days old. The snaps are crossed over as small as they can go and the cover pictured is a small BBH PUL cover which is also done up as small as it will go.

This was just curiosity on my part as I have mainly been using NB and Small fitteds with success.

Oh bugger bubs is awake....I have pictures of him less than a week old in Tots, NB fitteds and small fitteds which I will post when I get the chance.


Tracy said...

oooo soooo cute!

Mel : ) said...

what a little darling!!! more pics!!!!!! :D

hope all is going well!