Wednesday, March 26, 2008

1.5 Weeks Old

I feel like time is Ari has been with us forever.

Breastfeeding is going well in terms of attachment etc. My boobs are settled already, no engorgement or anything now which seems quick too me. I will get him weighed soon to make sure he is gaining but he is wetting and pooping and is pretty settled generally....a bit fussy on the boob though when they are soft.... like maybe he wants more. So I feed when ever he wants and let him have his fill..I am eating well and drinking plenty of water so lets hope its just new mum paranoia, lol.

We are co-sleeping at night as without it we were getting no sleep. So now at night he has one sleep of 3-4 hours which is nice and then generally another of 2-3 hours. Sometimes he just wakes up, poops, and then goes back to sleep not wanting a feed.

Anyway....I am very in love, a bit tired and very busy...DH has not had any days off work but he has been really helpful with cooking, hanging washing out and playing with the kids, he too is starting to feel tired though.

Many thanks for everyones kind words and thoughts XXXOOOXXX


Tracy said...

Wonderful to read you are all going so well :) He looks so sweet and perfect :D

Mel : ) said...

ohhhh thats so sweet hayley! he is such a cutie.

theres a tea by welida (or something like that) thats good for stimulating & increasing supply, local health food store should stock it. i used it just after jets birth but had WAY to much so had to stop :D

glad all is going so well, cant believe he sleeps so well already! what a little darling!!!