Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ari James is here!!!!

pictured here at 2.5 days old wearing a fitted nappy and Diapers by Deb Small cover

"Ari James"
52.5cms long
36cm head

The birth was full on but I am so proud to of brought my 4th baby into this world with lots of roaring, (his name does mean lion, lol), and only about 40 minutes of gas to get me there. I had an amazing midwife that I can not thank enough for making it all such a positive experience. She encouraged my DH to use his hands to help bring Ari gently in to the world and I have never seen DH more proud or happy about the birth experience as a whole.

I will write a comprehensive birth story soon but it was only about 3 hours of another hour for the placenta which was hard work..physically I feel pretty good, my milk is in and WOW are my b00bies sore and full but Ari is feeding like a champion.

Nappies are going I expected a smaller baby I have a fair few 2nd hand NB fitteds here and they fit well but I imagine they wont fit for too long at the rate he is feeding. So happy I have the onesize and smalls here ready to go.

At almost 4 days (in terms of 24 hour cycles) old the wees and poos are getting bigger and I have begun boosting things to make them last a sleep.

I am taking pictures when I use different nappies (and I have the chance to) and when I get the opportunity I will put them up to show the fit of different nappies on a NB bub.

For now it is rest time..I have just Ari today while the others are with MIL and L is at school so I should take advantage of it..

XOXOXO Hayley.


Tracy said...

He is beautiful. Well done on the labour. Sounds like you did fantastically. Michael (my Little One) is just starting to not fit his NB nappies. So you may get a few weeks out of them.

Mel : ) said...

ohhhhhh hayley he is sooooo cute!!!!! that nappy looks adourable on him! cant wait to see lots more pics :D


sue said...
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sue said...

congratulations again Hayley, he is just adorable, such a sweet photo of his sleeping awwww - cute nappy too :D I'm so glad it was such a positive birth experience for you and your DH :) (ps sorry about the deleted comment, I somehow put my password on there by accident so thought I better delete it lol)