Sunday, October 21, 2007

Baby is a BOY!!!!

The ultrasound went wonderfully today!!!! Bub co-operated and the pictures are amazing - I didn't get any still pics but did get a DVD of the scan *WOW* so I just captured images from that.

I am on cloud nine and so thankful that all appears well. I have what is still classed as a low lying placenta but the sonographer said that she is very confident that it will move and that although she has to document it as low lying it is not covering the cervix in any way and being anterior it should get pulled up as we grow. I had the same thing with Beth and it moved no dramas so I am not stressing this time.

The plan was to get the sex written down and placed in a sealed envelope so Scott and I could find out together but it was SO clear that it is a BOY, lol, see pic.

Pictures: Top 2 are profiles, the second with hand to mouth
Next 2 are 3D images (4D real time they call it) of the face
Next are the boy bits on the left and thumbs up on the right
Bottom pic is 3D again this time you can see a hand, arm, face and the cord across the face.

So happy and thankful right now :)

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Mel : ) said...

im sooooo happy for you hayley!!! Congrats!!!!! :D