Friday, October 5, 2007

Nappy Stash and Setup

So this is our set up at the moment - I say "our" but DH doesn't change nappies so lets say my setup - it is in Nate's room but baby will be in with us (room next door) so not sure what I will do with night changes when bubs comes, probably just change on the bed.

Set Up

Newborn nappies and extra boosters - I did the swap with Fiona to get a bunch of nappies and have made 1 side snap fitted and a few of suedecloth toped 2 layer hemp boosters to put in the Whizz Kidz which are flannelet lined. I have also made some 2 and 3 layer small hemp fleece boosters. I have another 10 cotton prefolds coming and will be making some more fitteds. I am also planning on buying some Thirsties covers from Nurture Nappies - 4 packs get 10% off, unsure if I will get 4 NB or 3NB 1Sm.

L-R - prefolds and snappies, fitteds and hemp/suedecloth boosters, Totsbots, covers NB and Small.
In draw: L-R hemp trifolds, bamboo booster, IB AIO inserts, microfibre inserts, IB boosters and home made boosters

Medium/OSFM/Large Nappies - Nates nappies, there are 5 missing from this picture (3 medium MagicAlls and 2 Swaddlebee AIOs).

top L-R - covers fleece/PUL, wet bags in front, Fitteds.
bottom L-R - IB AIOs (back), PeaPod old style mediums (front), Magic All, Various Pockets, Berry Plush

The Old Style Pea Pods, IB AIOs Large and BBH are not used as they are not the right fit or are too big. Even the medium IB AIO is not fitting Nate's skinny legs at the moment.

Actually heaps of these nappies are quiet hopeless if Nate does a poo as he has such skinny legs none of the front closure pockets are giving good containment - bar the MagicAlls (not quiet absobant enough though) and the tester pocket.

I have a Rollicking Rascals AIO on the way as well - 2nd hand.

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