Saturday, October 20, 2007

Newborn Fitted - HoneyBoy -ish

My other sewing project from today - a fitted based on the HoneyBoy pattern.

I had an OK time making this one but I think I stuffed the leg elastic a little - I use 10mm elastic but think its a little too tight at the legs. Also the tabs are too long - I think I was supposed to sew more within the nappy yk? so I made it a cross over. And last but not least I only had 1.5 inch Velcro 800 and cut that down for the tabs but then forgot to do it for the front loop and laundry tabs.

Outer and Inner - Flannelet
Hidden Layer - Hemp Fleece
Hidden Booster - 2 layers Hemp Fleece
Lay In Booster - 2 layers Hemp Fleece, 2 layers flannelet

Should be plenty of absorbency for a little one right - 4 layers flannelet - 5 hemp fleece.

This one is, in stark contrast to the cover, quiet boyish.

Only a couple more days and we find out........what do you think, boy or girl?

1 comment:

Mel : ) said...

oops - you gave that velcro to me didnt you? sorry!

i cant believe that you have 3 kids & are pregnant & have still managed to make a honey boy before me! lol!!! ill get around to mine one day!

I LOVE the nappy - very cute!

oh & just responding to one of the comments you left on my blog - if you want i can *attempt* to knit you something out of your wool if you dont have time to do it, i have the picky pants pattern & im attempting a pair for jet at the moment so if they turn out well i *might* be game enough to *attempt* one for someone else - i can always frog it if it goes horribly wrong :D