Friday, October 19, 2007

Oooops...fluffy purchases, lol

I couldnt resist the Gossamer Dreams stocking and having just received Nate's immunisation allowance I wanted to get him something special for Christmas.

I really wanted the "Beam me up Scotty" set with the black shirt and AIO but alas it went before I could grab it *sob*. I did manage to get the fitted that I wanted though with the same Michael Miller print *yay* and I also got the shorties and the pirate fitted set that I was eying off - only problem is that the fitted is large (so are the woolies but they have a draw string so no dramas) and I wonder if there is any chance of it fitting Nate *fingers crossed* he is so skinny and I may just have to frame it - his sister was small too and for a little while was able to wear a large IB before TT so maybe there is hope.


Mel : ) said...

lol - i can just see DH's face. "yes, im sure 'Nate' wanted MORE nappies" :D

Hayley said...

*blush* of course he doesn't need them but I am sure he wants them, lol.