Saturday, October 20, 2007

Newborn Cover with gussets

Another go as gussets - this time throwing my 2 other arch enemies, FOE and PUL, lol.

Much swearing was done *blush* but I got there in the end. I stuffed up - I didn't stretch the elastic when doing thew second leg *DOH* but you cant really notice and it really doesn't make much difference. Now I wonder if you are actually supposed to stretch that anyway???

I got the pattern from HERE - It is the one marked "Wee Weka Pocket with Gussets/FOE (small)". Obviously I made it as a cover because the thought of stuffing such a small pocket is not appealing to me. I really don't understand how to gather the gusset within the leg elastic space without having to ruffle it up by hand as you sew, iykwim.

Oh and yes its Pink but I don't know what sex we are having yet.

Outer - Magenta PUL
Gussets - Purple PUL
Inner - Lavender Suedecloth
FOE - White
Snaps - Lavender

1 comment:

Mel : ) said...

you are so talented hayley! you really should give yourself more credit!!!

i cant see any difference in the sides from the pic. I have leg elastic - its the worst part of making a nappy IMO! Just so tricky!!!