Monday, October 8, 2007

Beths Dress

A very simple dress but a dress none the less.

I bought the fabric ages ago and it has just been sitting here cut out and waiting.

Beth loves it which is great for my ego, lol.

I used a blue/aqua thread and bright blue snaps to contrast with the brown which turned out really well - but I mainly did so because MIL borrowed my brown thread ages ago and I keep forgetting to get it back.


Mel : ) said...

great job hayley!!! such a cute dress for a very cute model - love that you have her standing on pillows & that you managed to add snaps to a dress - lol :D

Hayley said...

Thanks Mel.

hehe...she was standing on the pillows because she made herself a boat out of them...I mean, of course thats what you do :) especially after watching Barbie as the Island Princess for the 30th time (Barbie goes on a boat and wears pretty dresses, lol).

Oh and adding snaps is so much easier then figuring out my one step button hole function on my machine, lol, they always end up uneven.