Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wees on the toilet

So proud of my little man (19 months) - last night he initiated 2 wees on the toilet. He had wet a little first - felt it and then insisted on getting on the toilet and finishing up there.

He is so proud and I tell him to go tell daddy and off he goes so happy smiling from ear to ear - pointing to his groin and then the bathroom as he doesn't say wee yet only poo, lol.

He is becoming a monster wee'er again - he has almost completely weaned himself of the breast, just the occasional suck and instead drinks heaps of water and some milk.

He wet through his Magic All in 1.5 hours yesterday, it had wicked through the front touch tape and at the legs - now I will have to boost them all the time and it takes away form the easy factor of an all in one.

So anyway....I am a very proud mumma....:)

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