Monday, October 8, 2007


Grrrr to gussets, lol, Nah it was fiddly but not that bad....I will try again next week when I get some peace on Preschool Day.

This nappy was made from the Poochies Side Snap Pattern - adjusted in the leg area and with a gusset added. Its not perfect but I think it will be usable on bub. I was planning on making some nappies for our friends that are considering cloth for their second bub - and figured gussets would be great as they would minimize leaks for a newbie.

It is made with some flanelet that I was given and an old terry toweling flat. Obviously the snaps elastic and thread were new but a pretty cheap nappy really.

It felt really good to get my sewing machine out and I also made Beth a dress which I will have to take some photos of in a second - a very productive sewing day for a novice like me.


Mel : ) said...

another fantastic nappy - you are sooooo not a novice! good on you for finding the time to sew, i only have one kid & im not pregnant & i cant manage to find the time...maybe if i didnt have a computer :D

Hayley said...

Thanks Mel.

I may be sewing a little but my knitting has suffered irreparable damage - I just fall asleep when I try to do it so have not done any knitting for ages now.

Oh yes the humble computer has a lot to answer for hey - you should see my house :).